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Lighten Up for Life USA

Connecting hospitals with communities for over seven years.

Healthcare Marketing

Stamats Healthcare Marketing provides customized market research that translates strategy into actionable creative solutions for our clients to help them make the best of their healthcare marketing spend.

NEWS: Stamats Healthcare Marketing is proud to introduce LightenUp4Life™. Through a suite of online turn-key services that include innovative content, complete campaign and database management, and effective tracking and reporting, LightenUp4Life™ is a proven population health management and wellness outreach solution for our healthcare clients to aid in making their communities healthy.

At Stamats, we:

  • Understand population health management and how to develop actionable marketing initiatives
  • Define, execute, and measure marketing efforts per service and market segment through strategic and communications mapping
  • Increase patient acquisition and physician-to-physician referrals
  • Enhance the impact of service line performance
  • Measure results to refine our clients’ marketing spend

Get positive, measurable results from your marketing strategies. Call Bill Stamats at 800-553-8878.