Stamats brings a wide array of healthcare marketing services to the table to help you improve your marketing strategy through informed analysis and targeted action.  We will work with you to identify the best solutions to address your specific challenges – contact us online or call 800.553.8878 to discuss which services would best serve your healthcare institution.

Custom Market Research

Stamats believes that sound decisions are built on a foundation of solid research. In today’s healthcare climate, the fiscal and political cost of bad decisions is high. With a fully staffed research department, Stamats specializes in helping healthcare organizations understand the perceptions, motivations, and behaviors of their key audiences.

Stamats offers a complete range of quantitative and qualitative marketing research services, including:

  • Image and perception studies
  • Community health needs assessments
  • Brand marketing studies
  • Brand Monitoring studies
  • Environmental and marketplace scans
  • Geospatial Analysis

Communications Sequence Mapping

Communication sequence mapping is a collaborative review and mapping of the materials that comprise your communication sequence for overall marketing of your hospital or by service line. The exercise will reveal missed opportunities as well as points of over saturation to help reduce costs, increase patient acquisition, and improve your overall return on investment. For hospitals that want to:

  • Define and improve communication tactics with their community
  • Attach analytics and tracking codes to tactics, tracks, and/or initiatives
  • Identify marketing performance by source codes
  • Integrate email, phone, social media, or other digital assets
  • Improve internal buy-in for new communication activities
  • Apply key messaging strategies and segmentation
  • Develop metrics and ROI calculations for marketing initiatives
  • Maximize the potential of existing data management system

Social Media Assessment and Strategy

Every social media platform has its own set of specific best practices and guidelines. While seemingly simple guidelines, these practices, if not followed, stand to threaten your hospital’s online reputation. Stamats will work with your team to develop best practices and a comprehensive brief that outlines your entire approach to social media, including objectives and tactics for achieving goals, a work flow for addressing feedback, and a plan for ongoing web participation.

Stamats will offer hospitals with already established social media accounts an optimization assessment, ensuring each social presence has been set up and established appropriately on the platform. This includes reviewing graphic elements such as background or avatars, information fields, timeline assets, and any necessary cleanup.

For those hospitals that do not yet have an established presence, Stamats will work to set up and establish the account. This will include leveraging existing creative and content to create any needed background, avatars, or profile images, as well as populating information fields with strong marketing content.

Stamats Pulse

Scouring more than 200 million blogs, forums, comments, and social media sites each day to zero in on the social chatter shaping your hospital’s brand and outreach, Pulse is designed to give healthcare organizations full visibility into who is saying what about your hospital and the issues at hand with your patients and potential patients so you can more effectively manage online buzz.  How Stamats Pulse Works:

By providing on-demand analysis and hospital-specific recommendations, Pulse sets a new standard for intelligent social media management for healthcare marketers to efficiently identify, reach out, and ultimately turn online diatribes into brand-building dialogues.

Our skilled social media analysts physically review posts and reviews to correct sentiment reporting, validate key trends, and report key opportunities based on your marketing goals and priorities. It’s a special blend of technology and human intellect that makes all the difference when it comes to maximizing social media—highlighting the best opportunities for public relations, marketing, networking, and patient acquisition success.

Pulse will allow you to:

  • Execute a daily robust social listening protocol to track your social currency through keywords and phrases associated with your programs, people, and events
  • Exercise precision targeting in social listening to improve your hospital’s signal-to-noise ratio
  • Make specific recommendations for creating engaging social relationships
  • Generate actionable insights from social listening—creating a structure around unstructured data
  • Identify emerging social media chatter patterns, making it possible to hone in on the constituent comments that are truly relevant, put conversations into proper context, and paint a more complete picture of (1) what people are saying, and (2) why it matters to you and your health system’s leadership team

Website Analytics

What are visitors doing on your site? How do you know if your site is effective for your hospital? How can you optimize and further leverage your website and marketing efforts? These are questions that can be answered through a solid web analytics process. Our Google Analytics certified professionals will help you define key performance indicators in order to provide you with actionable metrics.

Proper Setup and Administration

Google Analytics is a free tool that can provide an immense amount of data. While Google does an excellent job of making their analytics platform seem simple and easy to use, there’s a lot more to it than just putting the code on your website and looking at the numbers. Whether you already have Google Analytics installed, or need guidance in getting it set up, Stamats can help. Our team of Google Analytics professionals has extensive experience with Google Analytics and will provide guidance for proper setup and train you on best practices in order to ensure proper management and clean data going forward.

Turning Data into Actionable Insight

To improve the return on investment (ROI) for web-based projects, it is imperative that healthcare organizations develop actionable insights from data and information regarding web traffic and visitor behavior. Stamats will help you understand how to convert the data gathered into actionable information. Our web analytics consultants will help you quickly understand what visitors are doing on your site, thus making it simple to identify opportunities to increase visitor engagement.

Analytics technology provides you with metrics that will help you make informed decisions and drive improvements for both your site and marketing campaigns, such as:

  • Campaign tracking
  • Site engagement
  • Conversions
  • Average time spent on site
  • Page popularity and performance
  • Top visitor tasks

This list is by no means exhaustive. The Stamats team will work with your team to determine which key metrics are important when considered as a part of your marketing goals. We will develop an easy-to-understand dashboard for comparisons while teaching your team to properly understand and make decisions based on that data.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Stamats’ SEO Assessment will ensure that your association’s website content, format, and keywords are search-engine friendly. SEO is about getting two things right. The first is the correct selection of keywords, phrases, and descriptions what will be used by your target audience in their search query. The second is ensuring that when those keywords, phrases, and descriptions are typed into search engines, your site appears in the top search positions.

Making your hospital’s site search engine friendly has two main advantages. First, it enhances your site’s visibility, enabling it to increase qualified traffic. Second, it can lead to more intuitive website navigation and faster download speeds, enhancing the visitor experience. Through an SEO assessment, Stamats will:

  • Provide recommendations on how you can optimize your site naturally using the recommended SEO keywords.
  • Review link popularity and possible link renamings
  • Train your team on best practices to achieve optimal rankings
  • Deliver 10 website pages optimized per your hospital’s specific keyword analysis

After meeting with your team on needs and issues, Stamats will provide you with a summary report of our findings and recommendations.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

If you are trying to galvanize donor support or build brand awareness, search result order and online searchability matters. SEM, done properly, will increase your ability to be found. There are a couple of broad options when it comes to SEM, such as traditional paid advertising on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) and social media advertising (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Stamats will work with you to understand your advertising goals in order to define a precise strategy, utilizing the appropriate mix of options, just right for your healthcare organization.

Traditional Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

PPC boosts a site’s rankings by offering paid search results, usually sending the user to a specific landing page. This could be a page with an offer to register for information, or a page to solicit donations or attract membership. PPC campaigns allow a hospital to track site visitors coming from a specific campaign and provide opportunities for follow up with more personalized marketing messages afterwards.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is usually done in the same style of PPC or cost per impression (CPM) campaigns, driving users to specific landing pages in order to perform a desired action. However, social advertising is executed on various social platforms leveraging that platform’s proprietary ad system: Facebook and Facebook ads, Twitter and promoted tweets, LinkedIn and LinkedIn ads.

Campaigns executed on these platforms leverage specific data that each platform is collecting from their users (preferences and profile information) and are not necessarily search-based. This allows an ad campaign to be highly targeted to specific users.

Brand Clarification

Unless a healthcare organization or hospital is totally new, it has an established brand based on its location and the type of services it provides. Therefore, Stamats re-branding work for healthcare involves brand clarification rather than brand creation. Stamats believes that successful brands are an outward expression of a hospital’s core values. Our goal is to help you refine and effectively communicate the principles and qualities that have guided your healthcare organization for years.